Orologio room

Rendering & Equipment

NAME Orologio Room
POSITION First floor
CAPACITY 70 seats full room

Elegant and functional, with high quality finishing, soundproof beechwood partition walls and cherrywood floors. Stage and chairs by Thonet, with writing board.


  • natural light and remote controlled blackout facilities;
  • dimmer lights for selected areas;
  • presidential table and podium;
  • audio amplification system with wired and radio microphones;
  • suspended video projections system suitable for various formats in every part of the room;
  • front projection system in various sizes and video projector;
  • 1 component video camera;
  • extensive audio, video and lighting connections;
  • mobile video production;
  • high density Wi-Fi coverage;
  • LCD monitor on both Presidential table and podium;
  • 1 entrance point to the room;
  • customisable digital signage at entrance to room.

Technical Sheet


Height 4,20 m
Gross area 91,86 m2
Size (length x room) 11,10 x 8,00 m
Seats 70

Origin of the name of the historical sites in Rimini

The Clock Tower in Piazza Tre Martiri was built in the late sixteenth century in the wide open space in that Romans called the foro, or main square. It was later restored in the 1700s by Giovan Francesco Buonamici. The clock has two dials: one marks the passing of daily time, the other shows celestial time. It also shows the days and months of the year, the moon's orbit and zodiac signs.