Eating is no longer just about nourishing your body, it is increasingly becoming a social and cultural act linked to pleasure and feeling good. SUMMERTRADE, the catering and banqueting partner of the Palacongressi, is well aware of the importance of this shift, and firmly believes that the social element of a lunch break or gala dinner should be considered an integral part of the event, and not merely a moment of distraction. Enjoying your food goes hand in hand with taking pleasure in your work.

From farm to fork
Being born and raised in the Emilia Romagna region means always having been surrounded by a culture and an approach to food that is rooted in a tradition of genuine produce and quality raw materials, from both farm and sea. The variety of ingredients available here is one of the pillars of the "Food Valley". For SUMMERTRADE this is a starting point, a philosophy, a working method that we adopt when faced with any challenge and any menu, sourcing local produce, respecting the ingredients and adding a pinch of the conviviality that is part and parcel of our DNA.

Set another place at the table
The art of welcoming and entertaining is an essential part of our know-how. SUMMERTRADE is always ready to serve their guests from small meetings to large gala dinners with the best staging, the most suitable mise en place and the right atmosphere, all specifically designed for you: whether it be in the Palacongressi di Rimini, at a picturesque location full of history and charm, or in a glamorous, trendy club.

Good, and good for you
A menu is not simply a choice of dishes and courses, it reflects the character of the person who prepares it: this is why our menus are created in close collaboration with our clients, always looking for that perfect balance between taste, pleasure and health. For any special needs, or initiatives endorsed by the Wellness Location, SUMMERTRADE provides a nutritionist to assist and advise our clients in their choices.

A modern company, moving with the times and dynamics of eco-sustainability, must factor into its ethos the issues of excess food and waste. In the light of this, SUMMERTRADE adheres to the FOOD FOR GOOD scheme, which donates excess and uneaten food at events to associations that in turn distribute meals to the poor and needy. A social responsibility that becomes an inspiring company mission.


A corner dedicated to relaxation and tasty morsels is always open throughout events and offerings can be customised to fit in with the theme of the event itself.


Your menu will always be YOURS and yours alone. To help you choose, and to show you the wide range of possibilities we can offer, here are a series of menus which might inspire you.
Enjoy and … buon appetito!




From the moment you wake up, at coffee breaks, while walking or cycling through the park, during moments of leisure, your event can become a discovery of wellness and healthy habits. The Palacongressi has a warm and welcoming picnic area, where you can do simple exercises during work breaks to stretch and shake off tension. Even if you are in formal attire. The catering provided is an integral part of this project, thanks to the creation of healthy menus endorsing the sound body, sound mind concept.



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