Food for Good - From meetings to solidarity

Palacongressi di Rimini offers its clients the opportunity to recover leftover food from their events and donate it to charities .
Palacongressi endorses Food For Good - from meeting to solidarity, an initiative born out of a collaboration between Federcongressi, Food Bank and Equoevento.

Food for Good has now become one of the best practices on the EU platform with regard to food waste. This is a satisfying result for all the players who have been actively promoting the excess food recovery scheme.

The contribution of organisers and exhibitors at the Palacongressi is therefore of major importance: with no additional costs and in agreement with Summertrade chefs, the catering company of the Italian Exhibition Group and official partner of the Palacongressi, menus are planned which are suitable both for the guests' needs and for the conservation and transport of any leftovers, resulting in a worthy act of social responsibility for the local area. The results and the feedback we have had in the first months of the project speak for themselves.

Contact our staff for more information: always ready to help guide your choice. 

The association chosen by Palacongressi is Opera Sant'Antonio di Rimini, a group of volunteers that manages the city's soup kitchen. In the last years we've recovered more than 46.000 dishes.