Food and wine

Good food is truly a pleasure for us, and we want our guests to enjoy it too. 

For us, eating means happiness, and it also means pleasure. We take great care and pride in preparing our traditional dishes. Every year we host a seemingly infinite number of mouth-watering gastronomic festivals in our region. There's even one dedicated to herbs and natural foods, which is held in Saludecio. 
The cooking of the Riviera di Romagna is a blend of two separate and distinct traditions: that of the sea, of the fishermen who have been harvesting the delectable treats of the Adriatic Sea for centuries now, and that of the peasants who, in quite a different manner, have taken their sustenance from the products they cultivated on their rich and fertile lands. 

Our cooking has also been shaped by the blending of traditions from Romagna and the bordering regions of the Marches and Montefeltro. 
You'll find that our cuisine is simple and full of flavour and is best accompanied by the high-quality wines of our hills - red Sangiovese, white Trebbiano, and then, of course, Albana, Cagnina, Cerbio.…well, you get the picture. 

Typical dishes
Homemade pasta such as tagliatelle, cappelletti, tortelli, ravioli, strozzapreti, and passatelli (a typical peasant soup). Grilled meats and fish - the famous "rustida", and soups, such as the typical fish broth that is the speciality of the Adriatic coast. Salami and other cold pork meats and vegetables, served with piada, an unleavened, flat, circular bread, which is eaten hot.

Typical and local products
DOC wines and extra virgin olive oil are the most representative products, which are flanked by pasta dishes, meat, cheese, flatbread and then the sweets, honey and liqueurs.
With its multitude of farms and wineries, oil mills and dairies, culinary delights and accommodation to suit every budget, a trip to Rimini is an authentic Italian experience.