Arco room

Rendering & Equipment

NAME Arco Room
POSITION Ground floor
CAPACITY 260 seats full room

Elegant and functional, with high quality finishing, soundproof beechwood partition walls and cherrywood floors. Stage and chairs by Thonet, with writing board.


  • natural light and remote controlled blackout facilities;
  • dimmer lights for selected areas;
  • standard 2 x 8 stage with Presidential table and podium;
  • lighting truss system;
  • lighting truss system for stage with dimmer lights;
  • audio amplification system with wired and radio microphones;
  • suspended video projection system suitable for various formats for every part of the room;
  • front projection system in various sizes and video projector;
  • 1 component video camera and 1 video composit camera;
  • fixed hooks for suspended rigging in any part of the room;
  • extensive audio, video and lighting connections;
  • mobile video production;
  • simultaneous translation service of up to 16 languages;
  • high density Wi-Fi coverage;
  • LCD monitor on both Presidential table and podium;
  • 1 entrance point to the room;
  • customisable digital signage at entrance to room;
  • floor outlets for exhibitions (power supply, sockets).



  • other set-up options available based on feasibility

Technical Sheet


Height 4,33 m
Gross area 318 m2
Size (length x room) 21,35 (max) x 15 m
Seats 260

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