Why choose the Palacongressi

Space flexibility, multi-purpose solutions, adaptability to diverse uses and needs, research and quality in the workplace, state of the art technology and a responsible use of environmental resources.

Simply: Rimini Palacongressi.

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The venue is the largest convention centre in the country, unique in its design, technology and strong connection to its surroundings. 

A multi-purpose facility capable of simultaneously hosting numerous events, maximum modularity for congresses and exhibitions, exceptional underground parking amenities, a strong commitment toenvironmental responsibility: these are the key features of Rimini Palacongressi.

39 roomsseating capacity for 9,000 and a main room that can comfortably host 4,700 guestsRimini Palacongressi can also provide as much as 11,000 m² exhibit space beside the rooms. 

Ten good reasons to choose Palacongressi:

  • the largest convention centre in the country
  • highly flexible and functional
  • multiple organisation of events
  • extensive and equipped exhibit space
  • easily accessible
  • underground parking facilities
  • state of the art technology
  • quality interiors and furnishings
  • areas designed for catering services
  • strong commitment to the environment
Palacongressi Rimini

The Palacongressi in numbers

38.000 m2
total surface area

29.000 m2
total net area

15.500 m2
ground floor surface area

10.200 m2
first floor surface area


23 m
ceiling height of "shell"

17 m
ceiling height of the main room

maximum number of rooms

maximum capacity

maximum capacity of main room

underground car park on two levels

10 coaches
pick up/set down area