January 23, 2017

Recovery of excess food during events

In 2017, the Palacongressi will continue to uphold its solidarity pledge. Thanks to "Food for Good - From meeting to solidarity", the initiative advocated by Federcongressi&eventi, Equoevento  and the Food Bank, excess food from meetings, conventions and congress events will be donated to the local soup kitchens run by voluntary associations.

Since 2005, the Palacongressi di Rimini has been supporting this scheme in collaboration with Summertrade, catering partner of the Italian Exhibition Group, and thanks to client awareness, to date they have managed to recover over 13,500 meals and 236 kg of bread and fruit which have been delivered to the S. Antonio soup kitchen in Rimini.   

If you plan on organising an event at the Palacongressi and would like to support this worthy initiative, it will be our pleasure to assist you along the way; you too can be part of a project that gives practical and immediate aid to the needy, and is also important for the environment.

Recovering food in the Summertrade kitchens at the Palacongressi