July 8, 2016

Congresses and Full HD meetings

The technological equipment is one of the key elements for the success of a conference destination. The quality and innovation of the architectural design and construction of the venue must go hand in hand with cutting edge communication/connection infrastructure and systems. This applies to the Internet, both broadband and WiFi connections, as well as the projection apparatus and image reproduction. A modern scientific conference or a major corporate meeting needs an avant-garde, or at times even pioneering, audio/video system.

The Palacongressi has introduced and implemented in its halls brand new Full HD DLP CHRISTIES 14,000 projectors, accompanied by mega screens capable of providing multiple projections and recording high quality, extraordinarily detailed images. All perfectly integrated into an increasingly rapid and efficient IT platform.

These tools represent just one of the many advantages offered by the Convention Bureau della Riviera di Rimini - Event & Conference B.U. of Rimini Fiera to its national and international customers.

The new projectors, used in conjunction with large flat or curved screens, made their debut in medical and scientific meetings, and are now regularly chosen by events of all types because of the quality and performance they offer conference participants and visitors.

In fact, the new projectors ensure natural colours and high resolution and brightness, offering functions easily managed via software. Details which are increasingly important when it comes to delivering a highly successful event from all angles. And that includes images and their reproduction.