April 2, 2019

Cine-tourism itineraries in Emilia Romagna

Yet another reason to put our destination on your "to visit" list. Discover Emilia Romagna on a cine-tourism trail that will take you to film locations or places that were significant for the directors and authors born in these parts.

The top three itineraries include "On the trail of Don Camillo and Peppone" between Reggio Emilia and Parma, "Pasolini's Bologna", and "Fellini's Rimini" where "we know nothing, but we can imagine everything".


The Fellini itinerary takes you on a journey through the "city of memories", starting with the director's childhood haunts, and moving on to the "city of dreams", discovering the places that he believed had a magical quality, such as the Grand Hotel, the Fulgor cinema and the end of the pier, known locally as the "palata". The "city of cinema"  invites you to visit Borgo San Giuliano, the old fishing village with its murals dedicated to characters from Fellini films, or the City Museum where you can admire the "Book of Dreams", a collection of 30 years of the director's notes and sketches.

The project includes a total of 11 itineraries and is promoted by Apt Servizi, Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Ibc, and coordinated by the region's "Tourism-Culture" office.