July 27, 2017

Rimini Expo Centre hosts the 38th Meeting for Friendship amongst Peoples

From Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 August one of the most important events on the Italian and international social and cultural calendar - "Meeting for Friendship amongst Peoples" will return to Rimini Expo Centre. This year it has reached no less than its 38th year and as is tradition, it will focus on discussions, debates and meetings revolving around current events and topics of collective interest. The key theme for the  Meeting 2017, is clear from its title: “All that you have, bequeathed you by your father, earn it in order to possess it”. An urgent and inevitable reflection on the relationship between generations, the opportunity for young people to redeem what they have inherited and develop it in a world and society that have undergone profound changes.

This year the Meeting will address the challenge of change, redesigning the spaces and the formats of the event, starting from the actual conformation of the setups in the pavilions of the Expo Centre. Everything will be more accessible, close at hand, because some outside spaces, between one pavilion and another, will be integrated with the exhibit spaces, making the Meeting even more visitor-friendly. There will be a greater number of large and small spaces dedicated to meetings and encounters. From the “Muri” section organised by Monica Maggioni, Paolo Magri and Roberto Fontolan in collaboration with AVSI, to “WHAT – Man and the Machine", dedicated to artificial intelligence. There will also be a new addition to this year's event,  “Meeting Health”, in collaboration with PLS Educational.

Programme on www.meetingrimini.org