Grand Lodge 2020

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At a glance

  • DATE: 11 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2020

This year, the Grand Orient of Italy launched a real challenge to the Palacongressi: to organise the Grand Lodge 2020 with 1,500 guests in attendance.  An ambitious endeavour that proved to be a success in full compliance with the health regulations during the entire event.

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#Safebusiness by IEG is the project that ensures every stage of in-person events is managed in complete safety. Even when big numbers are involved.

Very impressive staging

The characteristic feature of the Grand Lodge meeting is the setting up of an authentic Temple where the association holds its plenary session. To fully comply with current rules on physical distancing, we used the regular scenography in the Sala della Piazza, but with a reduced seating capacity of 800. Several guests followed the activity from the Anfiteatro where the venue’s advanced technologies transmitted in real time what was being projected in the Temple.

The strength of flexible spaces 

The flexible and large, open spaces of the Palacongressi provide countless opportunities both in terms of dislocating participants and people flow management. The external areas are assigned to temperature checks and presence monitoring thanks to a digital platform that traces guests’ entrance, duration and movements in the venue.

Exhibitions, meetings and catering, all in complete safety

Digital signage and indications marking routes and distancing made sure no mass gatherings occurred. The organiser even invited guests to dinner in the sala della Piazza on two evenings. This year there was also the traditional exhibition in Hall A on the ground floor. The sala del Castello hosted cultural encounters, whereas the “Library” was set up in in another, larger than usual section of the same room to allow for greater access. All participants wore masks and hand sanitizing points were present throughout the venue.

The event manager's angle

"This year the Grand Lodge celebrated 20 years in Rimini. The event is normally held in Spring, but for obvious reasons this year that wasn’t possible. When the future of events was still uncertain, the Grand Maestro Stefano Bisi reiterated the importance of sending out a signal of confidence and as soon as it was possible, he chose to move the meeting to the month of September. There was no question of it not being held totally in attendance and in the customary manner, as a further testament to their great courage and immense faith in our Event & Conference Division. Naturally, we brought to the table the experience we have accumulated over the years as well as that of the first events that we hosted in the last few months. The number of participants in this 2020 edition was almost on a par with previous editions and everything ran smoothly, thanks to the synergy between all the operators involved and the utmost respect for the health regulations adopted by the Palacongressi. Proof once again that in these challenging times, we can still ensure people can meet up safely".

Elena Marani, Event Manager
Event & Conference Division Italian Exhibition Group spa