Wellness location

The Palacongressi, the first-ever “Wellness Congress Location in Italy, offers participants a new way of experiencing meetings in Rimini, by keeping in shape at the same time. 

The idea behind the venture was the intention to integrate into its offer the principles and values at the core of the Wellness Foundation, expressed and declared in the concept of the Wellness Valley, the first international district, experts in the quality of life and wellness. 

At the heart of the initiative are the rooms and areas equipped with Technogym Active Sitting Wellness Balls, where participants can perform simple exercises during breaks, accompanied by a video trainer or by specialised personnel.

The “Wellness Location” concept extends to every moment of their stay in Rimini, as we offer participants a programme that takes them through the entire day. Physical activity in the hotel or on the beach, walking or cycling to the Palacongressi through the parks that connect the seafront to the city centre, guided by a GPS which can be downloaded to your Smartphone and tablet

Food and diet are of course equally important as reflected in the menus studied by the chefs of Summertrade, alongside expert nutritionists. They base all their dishes on local, seasonal produce, in line with the healthy principles of the Mediterranean diet. Another good reason to choose Palacongressi di Rimini for your event!

Discover the first-ever Wellness Congress Location!