Hybrid events

Working together to design sensational live, hybrid or digital events!

Nowadays, there’s inevitably a whole new set of rules regarding meeting. The solutions we provide are based on safety and innovation. A blend of reality and digitalization that enables us to create live events that can be transformed or integrated with hybrid or digital formats, primed, simple, and fast.

The hybrid or digital solutions that we can offer you, whether they be basic or customized, are guaranteed to reach your audience and amplify it.

Trust in us, we put years of experience and a myriad of innovative technical services at your disposal, ensuring each format will be a success.

Check out some of the events we have organized over the last few months!

6 good reasons for organising a hybrid event at the Palacongressi...


Because we provide primed, simple, client-ready solutions, easy to implement and cost conscious


Because we put the safety of people first and guarantee sanitised spaces


Because you can avail of cutting-edge quality technology


Because we listen to you and together, we build the project that best suits your purpose


Because our locations are first and foremost, versatile, beautiful, and fully equipped


Because we are highly qualified professionals, part of a major group that has been operating in the events and fair industry for many years. You’ll be in good hands.

We even have a good to go TV studio ready for use!

Our hybrid solutions are integrated with the "Live to OOOH!" format, our digital event formula that combines large and flexible spaces with the most advanced technology. It is an authentic, client-ready TV studio set up in the rooms of the Palacongressi where you are the leading player, making your own video clips, interviews and talk shows.

With live streaming technology you can reach your audience through multiple channels or in multiple languages, relying on professionalism, efficiency, and maximum performance.